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Alberta Tower Cranes Contracting Inc has become a dynamic and superior performance based firm specializing in crane rentals, service and contracting.  In the vibrant Alberta and Canadian economy, our firm has stepped up to the plate to meet the demand head on.  In 2007 alone, our firm has purchased two SK136 Peiner Tower Cranes, not only a record for our firm but also an indication of our strong commitment to customers.  Leading this curve, we strive to offer our Tower Crane service platform to all companies involved in the construction of residential and commercial building projects and structures.


The founders of ATC have developed the following core values to help your company compete in today’s global marketplace, allowing you to zero in on performance opportunities, improved customer services and potential cost savings.  The vision and mission is carefully built on a sturdy four pillar value system.


ATC is proud of its trusted crane professionals and its ready support team with numerous years of experience, both in the Canadian and European marketplace. You can count on this trust and experience, as our advisors can advise on solutions that ensure the right product, is in the right place at the right time so customers get what they need when they need it.  Sizing a crane to meet the demands of your project helps drive out costs and improve efficiencies.


ATC has dedicated, knowledgeable and well-trained professionals with depth to deal with all types of logistical issues, service and product delivery to enable your business to progress.  At the forefront is our aim to provide the best advice globally available, as you strive to improve your construction goals and bottom line.


ATC has developed a pricing strategy to enable customers to lease equipment with confidence and peace of mind.  Whether leasing equipment, contracting crane operators, or providing related services, customers are assured pricing solutions that can deliver a competitive advantage and impact corporate performance.


ATC, through its crane portfolio, has dedicated its business to helping customer’s transform their problems to successful solutions and optimum results.  Want to see for yourself, take a moment to review our Tower Crane Fleet Sheet and our biography of current projects.  We are here to help you “Lift your business one inch at a time”


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