A Note From Our Founder

The roots of ATC began in Russia and the Ukraine in 1981, when I began to hone my craft as a crane professional by working on different types of cranes firstly as an operator and also as a technician performing repairs and maintenance.  As a Military Engineer, I studied carefully and gained valuable experience with various types of cranes, crane operations and numerous complex logistical issues.  This foreign experience has taught me well and this has had a major positive impact on the business development and goals of ATC as related to methods and operations.  Some 25 years later, as founder of Alberta Tower Cranes Contracting Inc., I see the need to provide cranes and service to customers in the Canadian marketplace with focus on peace of mind and positive improvement to bottom lines.  This is not an easy mission but one I feel we can contribute and aspire to.

The vast and significant network of contacts that we have developed with crane companies provide us with ready resources of cranes, parts and professional wisdom that is readily shared with us.  The majority of the contacts are in the North American and European markets.

Under the banner of ATC, I have assembled a very competent team of crane professionals dedicated to the mission described above.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to provide more detailed information.  Lastly, I am confident that you would be very satisfied with the services we have to offer.

Yours truly,

Vlod Bilous

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